Gun Control

Gun Control

Gun control is an issue that gets many people upset quickly. There are many sides to the issue and all is not black and white. For those that have been the victim of a gun related crime they see things very differently than someone that uses guns to hunt as it is their favorite sport. Statistics show that 49% of all households have at least one type of gun in them. This means that a great deal of the population has used a gun for some purpose.

The amount of people lobbying for stricter guidelines for gun control is very high. They don't want to take away the right to own guns, they just want more to be done to select who can get them and when. Due to the various lobbying ideas there is a 48 hour waiting period as well as a background check before a person can buy a gun.

There are also laws in place that relate to the age to buy a firearm. In most states it is 18 years of age. They can still go hunting and shooting though as long as they have an adult with them at all times. There are also states that don't allow anyone with a felony to possess a gun for any reason.

One of the hottest issues relating to gun control involves the concept of people having guns for self defense. The Make My Day Law allows people to shoot at intruders that enter their homes or their businesses. Yet many people believe countering violence with guns just further promotes it.

With so many acts of violence taking place in this country involving guns, the troops rallying for more in the way of gun control have plenty of ammunition to take to the podium. The issue of gun control continues to be one that political figures are often asked about as well. With the 2008 Presidential hopefuls on the campaign trail the issue is sure to be surfacing.

The issue of gun control isn't to prevent people from owning them or using them. Instead it is to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. The goal is to educate the public about the right ways to use and store guns. They don't want them in the hands of children, gang members, criminals, or those that don't know how to properly use them. Gun control is about promoting safety for society as a whole.

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