Gun Control & Self Defense

Gun Control & Self Defense

Can there really be a good line between gun control and having one available for self defense? Many believe that there is by implementing various requirements for people to legally possess guns. It is hard to determine just how effective these guidelines are though in terms of preventing guns from getting into the wrong hands. We hear so much about it when it happens, but we don't hear about those that applied for a gun and were denied.

Most states require a person to apply for a gun and they have to pass a background check. If they have any felonies, warrants, and in some areas even reports of domestic violence they won't be allowed to buy a gun. Yet we all know there are plenty of guns for sale on the black market. This type of check only prevents a person from buying one from an authorized dealer.

However, if you are truly intending to use the gun for self defense you have no reason not to get one from such an entity. Registering the gun is a great way to help you track it down if it is stolen or used in a crime. Law enforcement will do this work for you but you also need to be able to remove yourself as a suspect in the events.

There are also laws that require you to wait 48 hours before you can get the gun. This is considered to be a cooling off period for those that may be considering it for other means. This type of gun control was implemented after people were buying guns and then shooting spouses and lovers that they were mad at.

Under the terms of gun control, those that possess guns illegally can face legal penalties including fines and jail time. They can also be held liable if they supply guns to others and they use them in crimes. This is all to deter people from profiting from the sales of guns on the black market.

The issue of the right to bare arms comes into play for self defense. People often feel comfortable knowing they have a gun to readily access in situations where they have no other options. With the concepts of gun control in place though fewer guns are getting out there to people who have other plans for them.

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