Gun Violence

Gun Violence

The issue of guns in our society is one that people often have a strong opinion about. There are people that use guns to go hunting and they just love to shoot at targets. They also have guns ready to defend themselves in their cars and their homes. Self defense is a huge part of the gun debate. Yet the media tends to focus on issues of guns being used for violence. As a result people can definitely get a bad opinion of them quickly.

Guns are often used in violent crimes because they are a weapon that gives someone complete control. Armed robbery, rape, muggings, and even car hijackings are often part of the violence associated with guns. With one in hand, the criminal has the control they need over the individual. Most people understand the odds aren't in their favor if they try to run from a gun. This can result in them staying right where the criminal wants them.

Random acts of violence around the nation involving guns have certainly increased over the years. Over the holiday season a young man opened fire in a shopping mall and killed several innocent people. Domestic disputes are ending in tragedy due to the use of a gun and upset employees are returning to the worksite with a gun in hand.

Gun violence including children and young adults continues to escalate as well. The number of school shootings in the past ten years makes parents afraid to send their children to school. While some of them have been stopped before too much damage could be done others have results in mass bloodshed that will never be forgotten.

Gangs are a problem in our society, and they are often associated with gun violence as well. They may be shooting at rival gang members, police, or innocent people in the way. It is common for guns and acts of violence to be part of the initiation process into the gang.

Guns themselves aren't violent, people are but the way they are using them brings the blame game to the table. Many states have gotten stricter on violent acts that involve guns. They are also prosecuting those that possess guns illegally or that purchase guns for underage individuals.

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