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Gun Law For Toy Guns

New York City has had several toy guns related incidents that ended in death. In 1999, the NYPD shot a 16-year-old boy threatening them with a toy water gun, which appeared real. In April 2000, two undercover officers killed two Brooklyn teenagers who used airsoft guns in a robbery. In January 2003, police shot a 17 year-old in Manhattan when he put a pellet gun to the head of a detective. Since so many shiny toy guns are made to look real, New York has adopted a gun law pertaining to these replicas to help prevent senseless deaths and misuse.

Under federal gun law, airsoft guns must be manufactured with a 6 mm orange tip at the barrel end. The packaging must inform consumers that tampering with the manufacturer logo or orange tipped barrel could result in penalties. Individuals who use these guns as though they are real firearms -- such as in a robbery or police standoff -- will be charged as if the gun were real. U.S. law stipulates that no one under 18 can purchase an airsoft gun. These laws were put in place to protect law enforcement personnel and teens from misunderstandings, injuries and deaths.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa has a new gun law that makes it a misdemeanor to carry loaded BB guns, pellet guns and airguns within city limits. "It makes no sense for anybody to be carrying one of things out in public, unless you're going to the range to do some shooting. That's all there is to it," explains Police Captain Bernie Walther. Furthermore, juveniles under 18 are not allowed to have loaded or unloaded guns at all unless they are with an adult. The new restrictions stem from a number of infractions -- from the injury of a police officer to over 150 shot-out car windows. The penalty for carrying a loaded weapon within city limits is a $625 fine and up to 30 days in jail.

Other cities have their own gun law restrictions. In Minnesota, no child under the age of 14 can possess an airsoft gun without parental supervision and no child under 18 may purchase an airsoft gun. In California, only adults can buy airsoft guns and children must have parental permission before using. Illinois places restrictions on airguns over .18 caliber or 700fps. In Texas, guns cannot be discharged within city limits. New York City mandates that licenses be held for all firearms, whether real or toy, although the rest of New York state follows more lax laws. In Saint Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota all pellet guns must have an orange rim.

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