Right to Bare Arms

Right to Bare Arms

The issue of gun control goes back much further than most people realize. In fact, there are pieces of information about the right to bare arms found in the Bill of Rights. It is guarded by the second Amendment to the Constitution. Still, we have to remember that the Bill of Rights is loosely written and it can be interpreted in many ways. This is why the issue of gun control continues to this day.

There are plenty of ways in which the right to bare arms has been interpreted in the court system. There is information to say that this right is for the state and not for individuals of each state. There are some states that offer plenty of freedom when it comes to guns as they feel they are going against the constitution if they don't.

People often feel that they have a right to defend themselves. There are too many people that have an unfair advantage if they are approached by a rapist or a murderer. Having a gun as a form of self defense is allowed in 31 states. This right to bare arms doesn't sit well with many in society though. They are afraid this gives people the wrong idea that violence can be solved with more violence.

The issue of the right to bare arms isn't isolated to the United States though. Countries all over the world have had to come up with rules and regulations regarding it as well. They often have the same problems as we do when it comes to how these regulations are to be interpreted by society.

The issue of the right to bare arms vs. gun control isn't going to end any time soon. It continues to escalate due to events taking place all the time. There are pros and cons to both sides of the issue though and political leaders continue to listen and do what they think will benefit the most people.

One of the biggest issues in favor of gun control is the never of violent acts that take place with them each year. With the media frenzy that circulates around these events the TV and the internet are full of information. Most of it blames easy access to guns for the brutality of the situation. However, those that believe in the right to bare arms hold to the belief that people kill people, not guns.

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